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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry



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The Dark Side of Asperger's Autism Reflected in My Poetry

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von [romulus_campan ]

2022-01-26  | [Text in der Originalsprache: english]    | 

Time, painful time has passed by, since I posted anything meaningful.
The past few months have certainly been, a repetition of cycles in the life of many living with Asperger's Autism; betrayed trust, intellectual use and abuse, backstabbing. Nothing new, just increasingly distressing, with longer and longer recovery times, if at all...
Broken hopes, dreams, years of hard, tenacious work for the benefit of many, ruined by the few.
Stalked, singled out, victimised, without one morsel of compassion, silenced, with the prospect of a bleak, terrifying future of less and less reasons to continue this daily crucifixion, the heritage of great-, grandparents and parents, like a generational curse on a samsara wheel, paying God knows whose debts, at the non-existent mercies of communist re-education prisons, nazi concentration camps, thought police, all because of our heritage, and our right to think, speak up.
All over these painful years, since my abused and bullied childhood, to my no better nearly 60', my only meagre shield were my thoughts, words turning in crucibles of daily suffering, into poems.
Bellow is the only sane thing which happened in the past many months, my first volume of poems.
May I kindly ask you to consider visiting the link, "Look inside" and if you still wish to immerse a bit deeper into the only genuine reflection of who and what I am, please honour me by purchasing my book, which is available in both Paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon US, DE , FR, AU, JP, etc.
And if after reading, something has echoed within, please leave a comment, or review.

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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